PSA (Potential Student Athlete) Mentoring Program Service

Program Service Fee - £2,500

The SF USA PSA Mentoring Program Service is designed to prepare you, Academically and Athletically, as an aspiring Prospective Student Athlete, for evaluation by American and Canadian College & University Coaches & Athletic Staff in order that you compare favourably with the evaluative criteria that they look for in a Prospective Student Athlete.


Our service covers every aspect of your route to achieving this aim:


Service Structure:

  • Goal Setting and Personalised Route Map to Success.
  • Professionally produced sporting footage portfolio.
  • Identification of Scholarship opportunities.
  • Marketing & Promotion to suitable U.S & Canadian College’s & Universities.
  • Facilitate contact between you (Prospective Student Athlete) and Recruiting Coaches.
  • Academic Eligibility Guidance.
  • Bespoke SAT Study Program. (If applicable)
  • Showcase Match Events.
  • Seminars & Guest Speakers.
  • Advice & Guidance on Managing Scholarship opportunities as they arise.
  • Advice & Guidance on committing and singing NLI (National Letter of Intent)
  • NCAA/NAIA Compliance Guidance.
  • University/College Applications and Admissions Guidance.
  • American & Canadian Immigration & Student Visa Application Guidance.
  • Travel Planning.
  • Financial Planning.



As a Talent Evaluation and Potential Student Athlete Preparatory Service Provider, and as per NCAA regulations, Sporting Futures USA is not permitted to charge a fee for our services based upon obtaining scholarship offers for our clients.

Because of this, our service fee is charged in advance of our mentoring program commencing, and is charged for services rendered.


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