One of the unique things that we absolutely love about U.S Collegiate Sports is that they spread their sporting disciplines out over the course of the year so that there is a constant focus on different sports for everyone to enjoy. 

With the Soccer Season coming to a close at the end of the Fall (Autumn), along with American Football, other sports tend to pick up in the Spring and of course the annual Basketball extravaganza that is  ‘March Madness’ really catches everyone’s attention.

The turn of the year also see’s Track and Field sports beginning and as it so happens, our man at Goshen College in Indiana,Ollie Smith, appears to have found yet another sporting platform on which to flourish.

Ollie, now in his sophomore year with the Goshen Men’s Soccer Program, has been hitting the heights on the pitch during his two seasons with the Maple Leafs and has regularly used his blistering pace to out-run defenders to set up and score vital goals for his side.

Now it seems that the Goshen College Men’s Track and Field program are benefitting from Ollie’s ability to out-run people who are chasing a finish line instead of a ball, and by all accounts it is proving to be a very successful cross-over for the speedy young Englishman.

Incredibly, Ollie’s maiden run on the track yielded an incredible result as he broke the College’s 600 metre record by a second and a half, which is a huge margin for those that know the sport of running.

In addition to claiming the program’s record time, his achievement also saw him record the 11th fastest 600m time in the country, and yes, by country we do mean the whole of the United States of America.

Fresh from this remarkable achievement Ollie was, as expected, selected to join the Goshen College Men’s Relay team for this past weekend’s – Midwest Classic Track and Field Meet and the team collected a pair of relay wins this past Saturday in the Midwest Classic at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Troyer Fieldhouse.

The Maple Leafs clocked in at 11 minutes, five seconds, coming within 35 seconds of last season’s school-record team despite sharing none of the personnel.

GC also took top honors in the 4×200 relay, where Ollie and Kanther joined forces with Ari Benjamin and Uriel Macias. That Leaf team needed 96.51 seconds to cover a cumulative distance of nearly half a mile, pulling within three seconds of a 14-year-old school record.

Sporting Futures USA’s David Binnie Commented: “It is fantastic to see one of our naturally gifted athletes cross over from Soccer to represent his College at Track and Field. We are extremely proud of Ollie’s continued achievements over in the USA and having worked with him as a youngster, it is wonderful to see him producing the kind of all round sporting talent and fulfilling his athletic and academic aspirations at Goshen College.”

Good Luck for the rest of the Track and Field Season from everyone back here at Sporting Futures USA.

Ollie, Pictured here with his Head Men’s Soccer Coach – Arron Patrick

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