U.S Collegiate Facilities

Practice & Compete in some of finest facilities in the world.


When we ask a prospective recruit why the U.S College system is so appealing to them, more often than not, the answer coming back to us is because they have heard about the quality of the facilities on offer to student athletes who attend college & university in America.


In America, competitive sports are massively intertwined with college life and often there is just as much exposure afforded to collegiate sports than professional sports.


Institutions, large and small, invest heavily in sport, and much of this investment goes into making sure that practice and game day facilities on a par with anything found in professional sports. In fact, for sports like American Football and Basketball, attendances at college events can regularly top 100,000 spectators.


For aspiring male and female soccer players, the opportunity exists, in the United States, to experience a level of facilities that would only realistically only be open to top level professionals.


As you will see from the images and videos below, the facilities offered by American colleges and universities are unparralled in every sense.

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