Application Submission

All you need to know about Applying to Sporting Futures USA

Please read before submitting application

We invite applications from candidates who believe that they can demonstrate genuine sporting ability and a commitment to academic achievement.

Please take the time to read the application and answer in as much detail as possible. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.


What happens next?

Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by our Talent ID Team. If successful, you will be contacted for a short TEL/SKYPE interview which will allow you to gain further information and ask some relevant questions.


Academic & Sporting Aptitude Assessment

It is vitally important that your academic & sporting ability is properly assessed before we would be willing to offer you a place upon our Sporting Futures Mentoring Program.


Sporting Aptitude Assessments are carried out in two ways:


  • Invitation to attend our an SF USA Sporting/Match Event.


  • Alternatively, we will arrange for a member of our Talent ID staff to come out and assess you in your own sporting environment.Please note that there would be an assessment fee applicable for this service. All applicants from outside of the UK are required to attend our Academy for assessment.


Academic Aptitude & Personal Interview:

If you match up to our expectations on the sports field, and we feel confident that you are the type of athlete that will attract the attention of a recruiting coach in the United States, then the next step will be to make an arrangement to meet up so that we can tell you all about our program and the journey that we will hopefully take together to get you over to the United States, so that you can realise your ambitions of becoming a Student Athlete.

We will want to get to know you and the type of personality you are. We will also want to know all about your ambitions and what makes you a great candidate for our program. Academically, we will need to see evidence of your qualifications so that we can determine your initial eligibility for university. Finally, come prepared with questions. In fact, the more the merrier. We love talking about the U.S system and we love answering questions about what it takes to live the life of a Student Athlete. We want you to leave our meeting armed with facts, figures and a more in-depth picture of what might lie ahead for you should you decide to pursue this career path.


If you believe that you have the ABILITY, PERSONALITY & DESIRE to emulate the success of US based student athletes then we are genuinely excited at the prospect of meeting you.

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